Who doesn’t love a bit of nostalgia? That warm, fuzzy feeling we get when we reminisce over times gone by. This weekend, I got wrapped up in some good old nostalgic memories. I did the dreaded job of going up into the loft and having a ‘sort out’ (yes, the kind of job I wish I’d never have started…!). And lo and behold, after an hour of trying to make sense of the family ‘treasures’ (or junk!) we’ve accumulated, I started to procrastinate… by picking up the old photo albums. Snapshots of happy times. And in particular, seeing my grandparents’ faces smiling back at me, I felt full of happiness of the times I had as a child. And I started to think about ‘retro’ cosy (but simple!) traditions.

Family memories of happy, cosy times

Family memories of happy, cosy times

The thing is about my childhood is that we had lots of little family habits that were built around my grandparents’ traditions. Looking back, they were central to me growing up – and I honestly believe they’ve formed the foundation of everything I love now. And everything I do with Hoogaly! So much so, I’m inspired to bring them back into my life (I can’t believe I ever stopped!).

So, here are 3 ‘retro’ cosy (but simple!) traditions that I’m bringing back this winter – to make the most of more cosy simplicity with family, at home.

Breakfast spreads

We’ve all heard ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’ and I think this largely comes from older generations. Fuelling up at the start of every day – without fail – many families would have a huge spread with toast racks, cereal selections, porridge, fruit salads, fresh juice, coffee and tea. It would cover the table – a mini buffet to start your day!

But I don’t think this was all about the physical benefits. It was also about starting your day off in a great headspace. Having up to an hour of time to sit with the family, you’d ease yourself into the daily tasks that lay ahead.

Now, I know – not always practical in modern-day living. The idea almost seems luxurious! But it doesn’t need to be! Why not just once a week (a Sunday maybe!) you dedicate your mornings to lazy breakfasting – with lots of delicious options.

I know we’re going to try to bring this back in our Hoogaly home.

Breakfast spreads
Create a breakfast table you love this winter! It doesn’t have to be even on the dining table – the coffee table could work just fine. Or the kitchen island. Decorate your table with warming scented candles and use tea light holders to create a real cosy vibe. Perfect for wintry weekend relaxation.


Ah, the simple excitement of a delicious cuppa with a slice of cake or choccie biscuit! Most of us do this naturally anyway, but I always remember my grandparents sitting down to do this.

Make it a family treat to sit snuggly on the sofa and have a warming drink – and sweet treat – together while chatting about your morning. Simple goodness – in a tea break!

Do a winter spruce up – and create a cosy living room perfect for snuggly times with your family on the sofa. From reed diffusers to scatter cushions, we have lots of unique pieces to make your space feel relaxing and homely.


I know, I know. We’re not supposed to eat late at night. Yet the older generation always did this with ‘supper’ – and probably still do it now!

Yes, life was different then. And we’ve learnt a lot about health too. But I think bringing back a little supper once in a while can do no harm? In fact, it could probably do a lot of good – and be a fun, exciting and novelty tradition to bring back into your family.

We always used to have jam butties late at night! Chatting with my friend, with her grandparents, it was all about cheese and ham… and pork pies! Yum! Whatever takes your fancy, try a little late-night picnic as one of those special treat ‘retro’ cosy (but simple!) traditions!

Make your kitchen a cosy space to have a late-night feast. Use soft door stops and drape throws and blankets over harder chairs. This will make the kitchen somewhere you love to relax.

Embrace retro nostalgia in your home

Oops! I just realised all these retro traditions centre around food! Well, that’s not a bad thing, is it? After all, connecting over food is what we do best as humans – I think!

Did you do any of these traditions in your family?

Or did you do something different? Something quirky? We’d love to hear your stories – let me know in the comments.

Make your home a place you love being

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As a small family-run business, every time someone shops with us, it means so much.

Sending lots of nostalgia cosy love,

Gill & the Hoogaly family