I love a good theme! In winter, there are the obvious highlights – Halloween, Bonfire Night, Christmas – but there’s so much joy in a subtle theme too. Especially when it comes to cosy home styling. A simple continuity that helps everything to just flow, themes can make each room in your home feel truly special.

And often? Themes are so easy to put together! You just need a bit of inspiration to get started. So this is my ‘voila’ moment. I’m writing this blog to give you exactly that – which I hope helps you create a home you love this winter (not just at Christmas!).

1.   Opulent blue

Leading into winter, I think of deep, dark tones. Plum red mulled wine. Rich beef stews. Red poinsettias and my burgundy jacket. Gorgeously cosy colours – yet all on the ‘red’ side of the colour spectrum.

As an alternative in my home, I love to play with luxurious blues. The complete opposite of red! But equally as rich and deep if you choose the right shade. Blue is also known to be extremely calming in spaces (something I think we could all benefit from during the lead-up Christmas!).

To incorporate a blue theme, you don’t need to paint a wall blue or even have it as a dominant colour scheme. In fact, it goes with so many shades and colours and can simply be a ‘pop’ of calming opulence – through a cushion, for example.

A soft navy blue throw is the perfect addition that will add elegance to any room.

2.   Icy landscape

Waking up on a frosty morning, how calming does it feel? I always think the world seems so still when frost, ice (and sometimes snow!) blankets the ground. A small pause to appreciate such natural beauty.

Because of this calming effect, I like to take the essence of a wintry landscape and bring it into my cosy home styling. Using silvers and greys to capture the feeling, combine with soft, warming fabrics – like this luxury grey empress throw and this silver ‘bumble’ cushion (yes those are two cute little bees!) – to keep up that cosy vibe indoors.

This silver twilight lamp is a firm favourite – creating a sophisticated vibe and fitting perfectly into the icy landscape theme.

3.   Pretty in pink

Pink is usually a colour associated with spring, wouldn’t you say? But I think its warming vibes can be an excellent choice for winter too. Fresh, fun and comfy – I associate pretty pink with my favourite slippers, fuzzy dressing gown and bath bombs. That feeling is something that goes far in your home.

Of course, pink can also be luxurious – especially when it’s brought to life by the crushed velvet fabric of this cushion.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll love a good throw to warm up your room.

4.   Rustic charm

Not to be confused with old and ‘fuddy-duddy’, rustic charm is about rediscovering the chic in more traditional styles. Think wooden beams, log burners and muted tones – it’s the opposite of opulence. It feels like putting on your favourite slippers. But don’t worry, it doesn’t have to look like them!

I love to add a little sparkle of rustic charm into my home through simple things like wicker basket storage . They add so much warmth to a space  – but on a practical note, they keep things super tidy!

We have so many rustic-inspired pieces at Hoogaly. From these wooden love heart coasters to our knitted blankets.

5.   Enchanted forest

Finally, a winter favourite! Add splashes of green and gold – and don’t forget the fairy lights! Because plants and greenery are not just for summer. In fact, they’re so important for our mental health and wellbeing – so let’s bring the outdoors in all year round.

Take a look at our planters here.

Find cosy gems to add sparkle to your home

As I said, I love a good theme – they can really elevate a room! However, you don’t need to move the earth (or get out the paintbrushes) to transform your home.

I hope this blog has helped give you some cosy home styling ideas. Do take a look at our comfy online store – we have lots of small pieces that will look great in all these theme ideas.

Sending love and cosy home vibes,

Gill & the Hoogaly family