What is Hoogaly?

Hoogaly is a feeling of being comfy and cosy and doing things together with those that are important to you. It comes from the atmosphere and feeling the Danish call Hygge (pronounced Hooga).

Imagine it’s a wintery day. Outside there is snow flurrying to the ground and an icy wind is blowing around.  Inside is warm and candles are lit. You are wearing comfy socks and are wrapped up in a cosy blanket with a steaming bowl of soup and delicious bread. That feeling you get, that is what Hygge is all about, or what we like to call ‘Hoogaly’.

On the flip side, now also imagine it’s a warm Summer Day.  You are in a field and can smell freshly cut grass. You can hear bees buzzing nearby.  With your nearest and dearest, you are enjoying a picnic, playing ball games and making memories together.  That feeling you get, that is also Hoogaly.

And what we here at Hoogaly do, is provide you with quality products so that you too can create your own Hoogaly moments.

Who is behind Hoogaly?

Here are the faces behind Hoogaly – we’re Andy and Gill.  We opened our little online shop because:

1) we love Hygge and everything that it is about;

2) we were fed up of spending lots of money for what we expected to be top quality products, only to be left disappointed with what we actually received.  We want to offer top quality at an affordable price.

A bit about us…

Based in the heart of Cheshire, we love trips to the beach, country walks and spending time together as a family.  More often than not, Gill can be found under several layers of clothes and a blanket with a cup of tea in hand…she likes to be warm! Andy makes the tea!

Hope you enjoy looking around and please do get in touch if you need anything.

Our photos

Our beautiful product photography has been taken by Andrea Aseby Photography.  She gets what we’re all about and takes great care to make our products stand out for our shop.