What is Hoogaly?

Hoogaly is an online boutique full of quality, affordable products and gifts based around Hygge (pronounced Hooga), the Danish concept of happiness.

Hygge is a feeling or atmosphere and many moments and experiences can be hygge, or what we like to call ‘Hoogaly’

For example, imagine it’s a wintery day. Outside there is snow flurrying to the ground and an icy wind is blowing around.  Inside is warm and candles are lit. You are wearing comfy socks and are wrapped up in a cosy blanket with a steaming bowl of soup and delicious bread. That feeling you get, that is also Hoogaly. 

Or it’s a warm Summer Day. You are out in your garden listening to the birds tweeting and bees buzzing nearby. You sit with your feet up for a while reading a good book, or enjoy a barbecue with your nearest and dearest, play games and make memories together.  That is what Hoogaly is all about.

 And what we here at Hoogaly do, is provide you with quality products, so that you too can create your own Hoogaly moments.

Who is behind Hoogaly?

Hello, everyone! We wanted to say a big hello to all you wonderful people. And tell you a little bit about ourselves…We’re Gill & Andy – the faces behind Hoogaly.

We like to think of ourselves as the Hoogaly family. We’re from Cheshire and we love nothing more than snuggling on the sofa, under several blankets, sipping hot tea (of course!) and spending great times with our family & friends.

When we’re not enjoying our cosy den, you’ll find us strolling through the Cheshire countryside, enjoying fresh air and taking trips to the seaside (with flasks of tea of course!)…

And the other times? Working on our little Hoogaly family…

It celebrates all things cosy & comfy…With special moments of happiness.

All at affordable prices – because we don’t believe that enjoying hygge moments should be pricey.

So, that’s a little bit about us.

Hope you enjoy looking around our online store, Hoogaly. Please do get in touch if you need anything.