Who doesn’t love a proper birthday party? With cake and balloons and maybe a glass of fizz. As we turn two this month, we’d envisaged a bit of a do for our lovely online contentment and cosiness store. But as things are, that’s not to be. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure here at home, we’ll still manage a slice of cake and to raise a glass to the last couple of years.

2nd Birthday

And as we’ve reached this mini-milestone, I’ve been doing some reminiscing as to why I started Hoogaly. Can you spare a couple of minutes? I’d love to tell you my founding story if you’re interested.

Where it all began

Back in early 2018 in an enjoyable yet stressful role, working with lovely people, I was starting to feel the strain and feel that this wasn’t what life was all about.

Chatting with a friend, a plan was hatched. To encompass the things I love with my skills into a business. After all, if you do what you love it’s not a job, right?

Chilly Gilly…

Chilly Gilly

It’s no secret that I am often cold – known for wearing a cardi or a hoody even on the warmest summer days. So I love to make myself warm with comfy clothing, lighting, scented candles and the ever-important, blanket. There’s a certain feeling of contentment which goes hand in hand with this, a feeling of comfy cosiness.

In describing this my friend said it sounded just like the Danish concept of contentment and cosiness – hygge.

Hygge? What’s that now?


Now let’s just take a minute to tackle this funny little word hygge – is it higgy, huggy, high-gee…? The possibilities are endless, but the Danish actually pronounce it ‘hoo-ga’. That is where the name Hoogaly comes from.

And so armed with a background in marketing, sales and retail, Hoogaly was born. An online store full of cosy home accessories and other treats to create that contented little feeling

Handmade products to bring you joy

Finding gorgeous products to fit the Hoogaly ethos was a bit of a challenge. Searching for creators and crafters of handmade products, particularly from the UK was the goal. And whilst the store has some of these products, to get a good mix, some have been sourced from further afield. But I’ve got to know the suppliers I work with. They are absolutely lovely people who care as much as I do that Hoogaly customers have the best experience

Stoneware Hug Mugs
Our handmade mugs have been crafted in West Sussex by a lovely lady called Yvonne.

Fabulous products, but not at ridiculous prices

I often use the phrase ‘I’m not paying that, for that.’ I’m pretty sure it comes from my Mum! But if a product is not beautiful quality, at a reasonable price, then it doesn’t make it on to Hoogaly. It underpins every decision made when it comes to product selection

Tapered Hurricane Lamp
The beautiful etched glass sat on the chunky wood base of this hurricane lamp is just one example of our stunning products.

Pride in the best customer service

You love to shop online, and even more so as we have had to this year. You love the anticipation of ordering something and a parcel being dropped at your door. But the biggest bugbear of online shopping is when there isn’t an actual person to talk to, whether before purchase or after. Bots and answerphone messages are so annoying! Hoogaly is different. It is me who answers the calls and replies to messages. Partly because I love a chat (can’t help it, I’m a natterer!) but mainly because I want you to have the very best experience when you shop with us.

Gifts for yourself and your home


And part of that experience is receiving your order as a gift from you, to you. And that’s why we individually wrap all small items.

What does the future hold?

I have many plans for the future – some are obscure and way out there (but you’ve got to reach for the stars, right?) and some are more, well let’s say, achievable. Hoogaly Holidays are on the list (one of those crazy dreams of mine!) How great would they be though?!

Join us in that feeling of contentment

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this blog and finding out more about us.

Please take a look at our comfy online store – and see if we have anything that gives you that contentment and cosiness vibe.

Sending lots of love,