Does the new year give you that rush of excitement? A time for fresh starts and new beginnings? Or do you feel like hiding under the duvet as January drags on by and wish you could banish winter blues? I wish I could say I’m the first – rather than the latter – but as a true Christmas enthusiast, I always feel a little blue in the new year. Why can’t it be December still!? When dark afternoons and moody skies felt magical… rather than miserable!

Now that sounds like a pretty grumpy way to start a new blog post. But that’s not my intention! Because despite being glum about January (and all it’s “new year, new you” pressure) I’m determined to find some sparkle in these wintry days. I think it’s important for our wellbeing as a family… and honestly, like most things in my life, it’s going to come back to creating a cosy home space that I feel happy and content in. After all, our homes can have a huge impact on how we feel.

So, as the Christmas tree comes down and the (literal) sparkle is hoovered up, I’m going to share the things I do to our home to weather the long post-Christmas slug – to banish winter blues and embrace the new year as cosy, happy and welcoming.

Think colour (that soothes your mood)

After a month – at least – of golds, silvers, metallics, reds and greens, I like to rethink my colours. I don’t mean repainting and decorating (way too exhausting!) but instead, rethinking the colours of each room’s accessories.

All colours have different feelings. From vibrancy to relaxation, you can choose a colour to reflect a mood. Because in winter, we spend more time at home – so give careful thought to what you’d like each space to feel like. Doing a revamp of colours can make your space feel completely different – which can be surprisingly refreshing! I always think it’s a real mood booster.

Read our blog post about wintry themes here – for some great colour-coordinated inspiration.

Soft pinks and neutral-toned accessories really brighten a room up, while still giving that cosy glow. I love to use this pink snuggly blanket – it feels like the antidote to Christmas clutter (but in a good way!).

Bring storage back (that calms your mind)

Packed kitchen cupboards, bursting sideboards, Christmas pressies piled up by your bedside and abandoned toys in the living room. Over the festive period, we all get used to a bit of clutter. I’d even say we almost enjoy it (after all, would you ordinarily have a brash-coloured box of choccies on your coffee table for days on end?).

So, in the new year, we move on – and we tidy up! I love bringing in new home storage pieces to keep the house tidy. That way, it’s so much more inviting when we come back from work on a cold winter’s night. Calm space, calm mind!

Stock up on the small things (that make you smile)

What little things can bring you joy? Is it the glow of a candle on a stormy evening or that familiar, relaxing scent as you walk into your living room, after a hard day? Never underestimate the subtle boost small pieces have in our home.

In January, after a month of festive candles and twinkling fairy lights, I like to refresh all the small things that bring me joy. Because thinking about it, that’s why I love Christmas so much, so why not bring the same idea into the new year with me?

From tealight holders to reed diffusers, take a look at our small additions to your home.

Make your home your safe space during the winter months

I hope this blog has inspired you to think differently about winter and banish winter blues. I know it can be tough, but spending some time making sure your home is your little sanctuary can do wonders for your wellbeing.

Take a look at our comfy online store – and see if you like the look of any of the simple cosy lifestyle and home pieces.

Sending love and cosy, happy new year vibes (without the pressure!),

Gill & the Hoogaly family