I don’t know about you, but my bedroom is my little sanctuary. I love the living room for the snuggly sofas you can sink into; the kitchen for the way the sun shines through in the morning; and my study for the tranquil zone it gives me when I need to get things done – however, my cosy bedroom is my ultimate sanctuary when I need to relax, unwind and take some time out. It’s private, it’s mine, and it’s synonymous with naps…. which are one of my favourite things in life!

My bedroom, my space to unwind

My bedroom, my space to unwind

Now, I say ‘my’ bedroom… of course, it’s ‘our’ bedroom. But sometimes, it feels more my place. Because on evenings where my hubby, Andy, is hogging the TV downstairs and Ed is doing his own thing (as growing boys tend to do!), I like nothing more than to softly close that bedroom door – and get cosy in bed. Ah, an early night! Fresh PJs, a cup of tea on the bedside table and book in hand. It’s a perfect way to unwind.

That’s why I always treasure my bedroom as a little retreat. And from soft textures to relaxing scents, I love putting homeware items together that make me feel cosy, content and happy.

So, I thought I’d share my ideas to inspire you too in this blog. Trust me, having a bedroom as YOUR cosy space can make a huge difference to your stress levels – and overall wellbeing.

The basics: throws for beds & scatter cushions galore!

The basics: throws for beds & scatter cushions galore!

The humble scatter cushion does so much more than look nice. For me, decorative cushions create that den-like feel to your bed when you snuggle into it on a cold winter’s night. A little bit of luxury but a lot of lovely feelings.

As for blankets, need I say more? Adding more soft textures to your space, they’re warm, snug and the perfect antidote to a blustery winter’s day.

The functional (but pretty!): storage

The functional (but pretty!): storage

I think we’re all guilty at shoving stuff under the bed and thinking, “I’ll sort that out later”. From old paperwork to bedsheets, our bedroom sometimes becomes a surplus place for bits and bobs.

It’s alright for me to say “put it somewhere else!” but often you need a certain amount of storage, even in your calming bedroom space. So, here’s what I suggest. Invest in some pretty storage. It’ll make such a difference to your space.

The scented: home fragrance diffusers

The scented: home fragrance diffusers

Aromatherapy can do wonders to calm you. The classic scent of lavender is the best way to relax – but I love trying other options too.

I think reed diffusers are the best way to fragrance your bedroom – and home, in general! Good-quality ones are long-lasting and no-mess, keeping your little sanctuary neat and tidy. Take a look at our range of reed diffusers here.

The decorative: pretty things to lift your space

From soft doorstops to tea light holders, we have lots of small items that can elevate your space. I really think our spaces deserve a little ‘grooming’ from time-to-time – especially in winter as we spend so much time at home (and for me, reading on the bed!).

Create a cosy bedroom retreat (this winter… and beyond!)

I hope this blog has inspired you to make your bedroom the soothing place it should be. After all, having spaces we feel happy in is a vital part of our wellbeing – especially in the cooler and darker winter months.

Shop for cosy additions to your home

Take a look at our comfy online store – and see if we have anything that takes your fancy – and makes your home even cosier!

As a small family-run business, every time someone shops with us, it means so much.

Wishing you the cosiest of times in your snug bedroom,

Gill & the Hoogaly family