Recently I have read articles and seen social media posts about how hygge has become commercialised here in the UK. And although this may be true, I think that we know whole heartedly that hygge is a feeling. It’s hard to describe as it fits so many times, but it is simply to appreciate the moment.

I see hygge moments many times a day. It could be spending an afternoon reading a book in peace, or enjoying an evening with close friends altogether. But what is wrong with treating yourself to a soft blanket to snuggle under whilst reading that book? Or to a nice set of mugs to drink hot drinks whilst you sit and share stories with friends? Surely it makes the moments even more hyggeligt?

It is something that is already part of our daily lives in our own way. We use it in a similar way to the Scandinavians, but not exactly the same. We just don’t have our own word for it and so have adopted it as we love it just as much in our own way. After all the Danish are the happiest nation, what’s wrong with wanting to share in that happiness?

Here are a few example of how we add hygge to our lives…

  • Make time for yourself. Pencil in that hour when you are going to switch off from distractions and put yourself first. Read a book, snooze, do creative crafts or cook – whatever you enjoy.


  • Light a candle. Create an atmosphere with lighting. We prefer candlelight, particularly at dusk. It’s so soothing and comforting.
  • Get some fresh air. Throw open the windows, plan a picnic with friends or simply go for a walk. There is nothing better than breathing in that fresh air.



  • Have plants in your home. Bringing the outdoors in, create peaceful décor whilst relaxing and quieting the mind.
  • Take time to be together. We are guilty of working long hours and our addiction to technology, but we make time, normally at weekend to sit and chat together, play games as a family and chat about the week ahead.
  • Hot drinks. Enjoy a special tea or latte in your favourite mug.
  • Comfort food – as equally as important as enjoying a hot drink, treat yourself to that piece of cake or a cheeky biscuit. If it makes you happy, do it!
  • Snuggle under a blanket – indoors in the winter months or outdoors on a late Summer’s evening.
  • Watch your TV program or a film that you love. Make an evening of it with family, put out a blanket, eat together and watch your family favourite movie.