I love it when a new interior trend arrives! And Japandi style – or Japanordic or even Scandinese – is definitely one to follow this year. It embraces the comfort and cosiness of Scandinavian style, with an infusion of Wabi-Sabi, a Japanese philosophy which finds beauty in the imperfect.

So think neutral colours, natural materials combined with bringing the outdoors indoors with lots of greenery throughout the home – sounds very Hoogaly, doesn’t it?!

Create your own Japanordic style

A blend of east meets west, a cosy yet simple design that helps everything to just flow, Japandi creates uncluttered down to earth spaces.

Looking for some inspiration to get started? Iā€™m writing this blog to give you just that ā€“ little ways to accessorise and help you to embrace the Scandinese trend.

A clutter free space

A clutter free space
Warming tones from straw and wicker can make a space feel really cosy yet uncluttered and simple

I know, I know…we’re all safe at home and bits and bobs have a nasty habit of making the place look a little untidy, and it takes effort to want to tidy them up (I’m so sick of tidying up, are you?)

But what if you had handy places to pop things away easily? Don’t worry, I’m not going all Marie Kondo on you (because that’s totally not my cup of tea!), but simple storage solutions in natural fibres – like this Square White Washed Straw Box – embrace the Japandi theme and can be kept in easy to reach spaces so that items can be popped away easily.

And in spaces where larger items need to be put away, bring nature and organisation together with seagrass baskets. If you’ve chosen a muted colour scheme, the golden tones from straw and wicker can make a space feel really cosy.

Green space, calm mind

Green space, calm mind

Bringing nature inside is an absolute must if you are wanting to infuse your home with the Japandi style. So potted plants, hanging planters and flowers in vases dotted around your space will provide that clean line yet earthly vibe.

And hands up if you’re not green fingered? Well that’s definitely me, so I like to opt for faux plants – I just have to be careful they don’t get dusty!! Next time someone IS allowed in my home, they may even think I’ve got the gardening bug, I have so many of the artificial plant varieties around the place…not sure they’ll be fooled though!

Any planters and vases you use to display your greenery are just as important. A Speckled White Woven Planter has that earthy vibe with natural fibres perfectly combined with neutral colours, is perfect for small plants. And the muted grey tones of this Mojave Glaze Grey Vase are lifted with the addition of a few flower stems.

Perfectly imperfect

Perfectly imperfect
Use handmade accessories to add the Japandi style to your home in a small way

If you’re a lover of individual, handcrafted things, then Japandi really will suit your style. It’s all about appreciating the imperfection of things. Something that is handmade, perhaps even naturally mis-shapen will fit in to this theme.

And if it adds a mix of dark contrasting colours with those Scandi neutral tones, then it fits the Japandi colour palette even better! If you don’t want large or statement pieces in your living space, you can give Japandi style a nod using a handmade mug or small tea light holder, knowing that no two pieces are the same.

Styling, designed with simple comfort in mind

simple comfort in mind Japandi style

I hope this blog has inspired you to think about how you can embrace this new trend in your home. I know it’s hard to keep up with all the latest styles, but adding some little accessories to your home can do wonders to update your decor.

Take a look at our comfy online store ā€“ and see if you like the look of any of the simple handmade home pieces.

Sending love and comfy vibes ,

Gill & the Hoogaly family