Spending time in our cosy home means that we’re looking at the same spaces…a lot. In the living room? The same coffee table or sideboard. On the windowsills? The same ornaments or photo frames. And as we’re seeing them so much, we’re starting to feel that we don’t love the decor as much as we did! Perhaps it is a time to refresh a space…

After we’ve dusted (for the bizillionth time this week – there’s so much of it around because we’re at home so much!) we’re starting to think if there are any little changes we could make to give the space a refresh…or even more cosy.

Painting and decorating aren’t on the agenda here – that would be too much change! Or, as much as we’d love to, having our little dog inside is just tempting fate with paint buckets around! So that’s why we think it’s easier just to make small decor changes.


Clear the space

I don’t know about you, but a lot of our surfaces get covered in paraphernalia from every day life. A set of keys, receipts, pens, pencils, kids’ toys, a random button….the list is endless.

Sometimes it feels good to just declutter and have a tidy round. Although our Hoogaly mum Gill thinks this is pointless – no sooner has she tidied up, objects seem to magically reappear!

But for the moments when our home is tidy, we like to pretend it’s a little bit of a ‘show home’ and we feel very lucky to have a lovely home!


So what can we do when we’re a bit bored of the decor?

If you’ve cleared a space or are repurposing some furniture for another use, then you may need some items to change it up a little.

So that’s why we’ve drawn up a few ideas to create the space you want in your home.


5 tips to refresh your indoor space

Here we’ve used the same table and put together a few ideas of changes you can make easily.


1. Lighten up the space

Table in a dark corner? Well we can make this really cosy! Brighten up the space by introducing a table lamp and add some little floral finishes.

Here we’ve used our Tree of Life Fabric Lamp and our Gold Heart Mini Planter (we know this is supposed to have plants in, but we’re not the best at remembering to water them and keep them alive – so we’ve used roses instead!)


2. Using it as a desk space?

With us all working from home more, we’re finding that we need to use corners of our home as make-shift office spaces, or at least a space to store our books, files and stationery when we’re not working!

But that doesn’t mean that the table can’t be kept clutter free, nor look ‘un-homely’. Here we’ve used our Ceramic Bird Tea Light Lantern as a holder for some pencils whilst popping some pretty fairy lights in a Ceramic Tea Light Lantern for a cosy glow.


3. Bring the outside in

If you’re swapping ornaments around, then we can refresh a space with a simple plant or some flowers. There also some great faux-plants around so, if you’re like us, watering them and keeping them alive won’t be an issue!

Here we’ve popped a plant in our White Dip Glaze Hanging Planter on top of some of our favourite books.


4. Add some sparkle

No electric plug sockets nearby? Then a couple of LED lights and a lantern filled with flowers can really make a space feel extra cosy but also freshen it up.

Here our Smoky Silver Twilight LED lights add a touch of sparkle alongside some easy to keep faux flowers in a Peachy Pink Floral Tea Light Holder.


5. Add some scents and soothing light

Of course we’re going to suggest candles! How could we not?! But the great thing about scented candles is that you can change the scent depending on the season. At this time of year we love fruit and fresh floral scents. Whereas in Winter, we’re all about the Cinnamon and Spice!

To keep your air as clean as possible, we recommend candles that use natural scents and don’t contain dyes or parabens. Soy wax is great too as all of the wax burns away meaning you’re not left with lots of unburnt wax on the sides of the jar. You can read more about the sustainable production of our candles here.

Here we have combined a Spiced Apple Milk Pudding Candle and a Blueberry Jam Candle. We’ve not forgotten about protecting the surface either and have used a set of our Wooden Love Heart Coasters.


Easy-change tips for cosy decor

Did you like this blog? We hope so – and we hope we’ve inspired you to embrace changing your space.

After all, if you love the space you live in, you’ll want to be there more! Especially at the moment!

Visit our online store & create a cosy home

Oh, and before you go, take a look at our online store. You can purchase lots of the wonderful decor items mentioned in this blog – and more – and have them delivered to your door.

We won’t deny it… as a small family-run business, every time someone shops with us and buys something for their cosy home, we do a little happy dance!

Take care & stay safe.

Gill & the Hoogaly family


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