Having cold feet is never a good thing – it can make you feel chilly all over, can’t it? As we want our customers to feel warm at all times, we have a gorgeous range of socks online.  They are soft, snuggly and sometimes chunky knitted!


Carefully hand picked, our ladies socks will keep you warm. Our hand knitted 100% wool sofa socks, are a bit like a slipper sock. Now imagine it’s a cool evening, you are snuggling up to watch the telly or read a book, and your feet are lovely and warm. Feels so cosy and comforting, right? We love to feel toasty!

In addition to sofa socks, we have some super womens soft ankle socks in a range of colours and designs. And to top it off we have some delicate fine knit socks to keep your legs warm too.

Here at Hoogaly, we are passionate about Customer Service. We treat customers how we would like to be treated ourselves and will always try our best to please. If you’re in doubt, then why not have a read of the lovely reviews our happy customers have left for us?

We hope you enjoy browsing our lovely items (as we think they are just gorgeous) and that you pick something that makes you feel happy, feel comfy, feel cosy and feel better. If you have any questions, we love to  chat, so please contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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  • Navy Fine Knit Socks

    Navy Fine Knit socks

  • Blue Spotty Socks

    Blue Spotty socks

  • Limoges Sofa Socks

    Limoges Sofa Socks

  • Beige Fine Knit Socks

    Beige Fine Knit socks

  • Pink Spotty Socks

    Pink Spotty socks