Have you been working from home lately? A lot of us have. And in a way, hasn’t it been wonderful? We’ve cut down on commuting, worked more efficiently and avoided office-based stress. Well, we’ve certainly learnt a lot about balancing family life with work (if a little stressful at times…. to say the least!). However, we’ll hold our hands up – it’s not always easy. Believe us, you wouldn’t be alone if you were pining for your office space.

Because for most of us, working from home feels a bit “make-shift”. A spot on the kitchen table or converting the spare room into a home office. In truth, we rarely give our at-home working space the attention it deserves. But when we do, what a difference it makes!

Why your home workspace matters

When Gill, our Hoogaly mum, stepped away from her ‘day job’ to curate our cosy, comfy online store, she soon realised how important it was to love where you work – especially when you’re working from home

And well, in the pursuit of home workplace harmony, Gill set about to make a workspace that made her smile. Feel happy, feel comfy, feel cosy. At times, feel better (let’s face it, work tends to have its stressful moments!). Because when we feel content, we tend to do our best work.


Small ideas to hone your cosy workspace

So, we thought we’d jot down some of the little things Gill has done to create a cosy, comfy workspace.

Now, don’t worry! This is no high-level Pinterest-esque (although yes those workspaces are gorgeous!) get-your-paintbrush-out and be-a-DIY-expert advice. No, just a few low-hassle tweaks to spruce up your workspace.


Love your lighting

When you work, you should feel calm and collected, right? Easier said than done – especially with the kids running around at the moment.

And yes, we know desk lamps and table lamps that drench your space in white light are probably technically “recommended” for work purposes. But for Gill? It’s all about a simple table lamp – with a cosy glow. So when it all feels a bit too much (because it does sometimes!), you can retreat to a calming space. A much better headspace for getting work done.

Take a look at our lighting for cosy desk inspiration.


Embrace a dedicated mug

It sounds simple but we bet at the office you had a special mug, just for you?

Because sitting down, and clasping your hands around the first cuppa of the working day is one of those “ahhh” moments never to underestimate. So why not replicate this in your home workspace?

Have a peek at our stoneware mugs – the latest lovely addition to our Hoogaly store.


Drape a cosy blanket on your chair

Feeling cold can quickly ruin your working flow. So for those chilly spring mornings or sun-dipping-down evenings, have a snuggly blanket on hand. They also make a great accessory for an office chair.

For us, snug means happy! And happy means a productive working day!


Keep calm with scented candles and other things you love

Again, moving away from a ‘traditional’ workspace. Just think: what do I love?

It could be the aromatherapy of a scented candle that makes us feel instantly calmer during a stressful Zoom meeting.

Or, it may be bringing the outdoors in. Actually, a plant or two is proven to improve our mental wellbeing in spaces.


Make working from home work for you

What we’re trying to say is: really, there are no rules! Just ways of thinking about a workspace that makes you feel cosy, comfy – and better. It’s no more complicated than that.

Share your cosy workspaces with us

Let us know how you get on! We’d love to see the small ways you make your workspace cosy.

Oh, and before you go, take a look at our online comfy store. You can purchase lots of the wonderful cosy items that help create a comfortable, happy and relaxing workspace.

As a small family-run business, every time someone shops with us, it means so much. And we love to see our products making your daily lives a little comfier – so do share with us your photos!

Take care,

Gill & the Hoogaly family


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