One of the core aspects of Hygge is about living well and taking time for yourself. I have a funny story to tell you about this.
Last week I scheduled a social media post about taking time for you and looking up at the stars. You may recognise it. At the time the post went out, I was on my knees. I’d been up and out very early, driven 180 miles, had various meetings, collected my son and driven him to one of his after school classes where of course I’d forgotten his snack! To him this was a disaster. To me this was the final straw which would eventually reduce me to tears of complete exhaustion and feeling of parental failure. Don’t worry, I got over it!
Why am I telling you this? Because I know that it’s not always possible to make time for yourself in the ways that you want to. Being a parent is hard enough, but add work, keeping a household running and kids clubs to this means that sometimes we come last.
But it’s not all bad, because there are a few ways we can make a small amount of time for ourselves.
  1. Set a bed time and stick to it particularly during the week. Schedule 10 minutes before bed to sit and reflect quietly on your day. Maybe take the time to write down 3 positives you can take from the day.
  2. Have a scented candle lit bubbly bath. Even if it’s only 10 minutes peace, 10 minutes is better than no minutes.
  3. Schedule a pyjama day at the weekend. Put it in your diary and make sure you stick to it. Use the time to read a book, do crafts with the kids or bake. Anything that you find relaxing.
  4. Snuggle under a blanket and listen to the wind in the trees. As long as it is not blowing a gale (or chucking it down!) you should find this very soothing.
  5. Go for a walk around the block. Hats and gloves on, you could do this alone or with friends and family. A few minutes out in the fresh air really helps to calm and focus the mind.
  6. Have a cup of tea. After all, tea makes things better no matter what doesn’t it?!
I hope you can use this to make a little bit of space and time for yourself. Although I know it’s not always possible, we’re only human after all.
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