By now you’ve probably had a browse of the website and are starting to get a feel for what Hoogaly is all about, but maybe you don’t know much about Hygge (Hooga), which is where Hoogaly all began.

Hygge in short, is the Danish way to live well. They’re known for being a very happy nation, and their way of life is just what Hoogaly aims to help you create. We’re obsessed with it here and we are sure you already do lots of Hoogaly things in your day to day life. Here are just a few of them:

Doing things that make you happy

The list of things that you could do is probably endless, but Hoogaly is about making sure you take the time to do those things. It might be making a special trip or simply sitting and reading a book. Whatever makes you happy, make sure you plan to do it.


Get together with your close friends and of course family. Have a takeaway, play games and simply chat over how your weeks have been. Or simply snuggling on the sofa under a blanket watching a favourite TV show. Being together and the feeling that brings is very Hoogaly.

Peace & Harmony

Having a cosy space just for you can help you relax and feel calm and happy. There is nothing more Hoogaly than sitting watching the world go by with a lovely cup of tea or coffee. Of course you can have harmony when you are all together, there’s no need for drama. Just chatting, laughing and being together.

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Now this is a big one for us, and ways of getting the comfy cosy feeling are endless. It could be a snuggly pair of socks, getting home to a warm house when it is cold outside or wearing chunky knit clothing. Anything that makes you comfy is alright with Hoogaly.





Indulging in food and drink, shopping with friends or baking at home. A favourite confectionary, a hot chocolate, a hearty stew or a Danish pastry…which one would be your indulgence?

Live in the moment

We all love technology, but also love to be free of it once in a while. Plan family time when phones and emails are turned off so you’re free to chat and listen to each other. Or take time to look at the stars or watch a sunset.



Creating a homely, friendly, warm, comforting atmosphere is very Hoogaly. Light candles, sit in front of a toasty fire, make a hearty soup and fill the room with home baking aromas, put your pyjamas on and relax.



Work life balance

The Danes leave work on time. Those with families play and eat together at the end of the day, everyday. They head home to have dinner together and spend quality time together.

Hoogaly is a feeling that encompasses all of these things and more. What do you do that creates that feeling in your day to day life?